History & Timeline

In the winter of 1986, the concept of a late-night cabaret was developed by the Artistic Director of the Ensemble Studio Theatre, Los Angeles, as an alternative creative outlet for company members. The launch in February 1987, of the Titanic Lounge – named for a performer’s obsession with the sinking of its namesake – gave the members of the company an opportunity to take some risks and to present something that they wouldn’t normally be asked to do. A classical actor may wish to play flamenco guitar, a dramatic actress may want to do a five-minute standup routine, or a comedic performer may recite some poetry. Limitations were confined only to the size of the space - a small storefront located across the street from the theatre.

This lounge would be the birthplace of 976-SING. But, the story starts even earlier in a sleepy desert town in Southern California.

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Sep-56 Wayne Winstead is born.


Jun-57 John Cox is born.


Nov-60 Ronald Hoffman is born.


Feb-63 Rex Rotsko is born.

Oct-63 Arthur "Sparky" Johnson is born.


May-64 William "Rusty" Jones is born.